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Digital Tools for SMEs - Programme II

Programme II

"Development of Digital Products and Services"

Purpose and scope

The digital technologies sector is one of the most dynamic sectors of the Greek economy. The sector contributes directly to 8% of the country's GDP, its growth rates are among the highest in the country (6.1% between 2017 - 2021 in CAGR terms), while labour productivity is twice the average of the country's economy as a whole and well above the OECD average.

At the same time, in a broader European or international context, the sector is facing significant opportunities and challenges. In particular:

- The European Commission sees digital technologies as key to achieving the European Development Strategy and Europe's sustainability goals, investing heavily in strengthening ICTs through programmes such as Horizon Europe, Digital Europe, etc., as well as through the European Green Deal.

- In this development context, our country shows a deficit in the integration of digital technologies in the economy and society, while at the same time, the sector shows strong scope for further development of its extroversion, as, to date, it has generally covered domestic needs.

Taking into account the above development parameters, the aim of the "DEVELOPMENT OF DIGITAL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES" Programme is to strengthen the digital production capacity in the country with new products and services, and to enhance the extroversion of Greek enterprises active in the production and distribution of digital products and services.

In particular:

The Programme "DEVELOPMENT OF DIGITAL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES" supports investment projects for the development of new products and services falling within the information and communication sector, aiming at:

- strengthening healthy entrepreneurship through the use of ICT,

- strengthening the ICT sector (in terms of competitiveness and extroversion).

- creating new digital value-added products and services with strong commercial potential and sustainability.

To this end, the Programme "DEVELOPMENT OF DIGITAL PRODUCTS AND SERVICES" will provide support, in the form of grants, for the implementation of investment projects covering the whole cycle of digital products and services (new product development) and including:

- Preparatory activities (including but not limited to: market research, feasibility study, actions to acquire new knowledge and skills for the development of new products),

- Activities to develop the new digital products/services,

- Complementary commercialisation activities of the new products and services.

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